Welcome to our Peer Groups page. Our aim is to offer a thriving network of ongoing support groups to develop your EFT therapy skills and prepare you for Certification. Groups are open to all couple therapists who have commenced basic EFT training.

Groups include:

Supervision Groups where you may focus on:

  • Review of your session tapes or cases
  • Role – playing
  • Exploration of self-of therapist issues
  • Support from other therapists in a safe learning environment
  • Hours towards Advanced Training and EFT Certification

Special Interest Groups

Special interest groups may form as appropriate in areas such as support toward certification or running Hold Me Tight workshops

Study Groups

Study Groups work on development of skill and knowledge in various ways. Three study groups are currently active and seeking new members.

South Yarra Training Tape Session

We meet on first and third Thursdays in the month from 11am-1pm to watch and discuss a DVD of Sue Johnson or other master trainers in session.

Frankston Workbook Group

We meet 2nd and 4th Fridays every month and work through Becoming an Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist : The Workbook, By Susan M. Johnson, Brent Bradley, James L Furrow, Alison Lee, Gail Palmer, Doug Tilley, & Scott Woolley.

EFT Workbook Teleconference

We meet via teleconference on Sundays from 1-2 pm where we work through a few questions together on the phone.

These events are all FREE of charge and open to newcomers. Please add your name to the mailing list, or if you are already on the list, update your preferences at the bottom of any MCEFT email to include peer groups. For further details please contact our Peer Group Co-ordinator Karen Kain DraftingTableForTwo@gmail.com

Karen would also be pleased to help you with the establishment of a new group in your area.