Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Healthier, Stronger Relationships

Who are we?

Melbourne community for Emotionally Focused therapy (MEFT) is a group of mental health professionals who practise and study Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples. We seek to provide relevant information to the wider community, particularly couples in distress, about how EFT can effectively help them develop stronger, healthier relationships.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a supportive, actively involved group working towards our common goal of achieving excellence in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. We aim to reach out to the broader community of health professionals and the general public regarding this effective, evidence-based approach to strengthening and deepening relationships.

Our Mission

  • Promote EFT to clients, therapists, and the wider community in Melbourne and surrounds.
  • Build healthy collegial relationships to enhance learning
  • Encourage certification in EFT
  • Offer ongoing education

We link you to trained clinicians to get help now. We also provide professional support for clinicians through high quality training, supervision and peer support.

Major Events 2017

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MCEFT is proud to announce that Dr Sue Johnson will be joining us via webinar at Swinburne University in Hawthorn!

SusanJohnson Dr. Sue Johnson
Webinar | Facing the Dragon Together: Working with traumatized couples in emotionally focused therapy

This webinar will demonstrate the use of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) with partners facing the echoes of trauma. EFT has been shown in outcome studies to significantly reduce the symptoms of traumatic stress as well as to help these couples, who often suffer from particularly dysregulated chaotic relationships, move into a secure base of relationship satisfaction, trust and equilibrium. The refinements to the EFT model that allow for effective intervention when partners are dealing with extreme negative cycles or interaction and symptoms such as numbing, rage, debilitating shame or intense vigilance for threat will be outlined. On-target couple interventions can create the ideal healing environment for traumatized partners whether such trauma arises from childhood abuse, violence and battle stress or medical problems.

Pricing, booking and additional information coming soon

Dr James Furrow Dr. Jim Furrow
Webinar | Mastering EFT Interventions

Therapist confidence grows when mastering the moments using a particular approach. In EFT a particular intervention in a specific moment makes a significant difference in the progress of the couple. An EFT therapist has a map for the territory of attachment and emotion and a variety of interventions to guide the way; however, finding a flow with the EFT model requires something more. This workshop will help you identify and master those critical moments. It will help you discern which EFT intervention to apply, opening the way for deeper impact, understanding and change for your couples.

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Zoya Simakhodskaya Zoya Simakhodskaya
Webinar | Sex as a Safe Adventure: Connecting Sexually and Emotionally through EFT

This workshop is designed to give you a strong foundation where sexual issues are the presenting problem in couple therapy.  Introduction to up to date research on current models of sexuality will be presented.  You will learn how to do an assessment of both the negative relational cycle and the sexual cycle so you can skillfully work using EFT interventions with both cycles to help couples move to de-escalation. This workshop will also address how to integrate psycho-education and simple behavioral sex therapy interventions as couples begin to move into Stage 2, while at the same time continuing to build a secure bond through increased vulnerability.  Video segments will be used to demonstrate this work.

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Debi Scimeca-Diaz
Webinar | The Power of Affect
Date TBC

Emotionally Focused Couple therapy is an empirically validated approach to couples therapy.  Based in attachment theory, EFT helps couples understand the distress in their marriage and experience new ways of emotionally bonding with each other to bring about healing in their relationship.  The underpinnings of EFT are centered on attunement, present process, primary emotions and positions in the relational dance.  This workshop will demonstrate how to effectively use emotions in each stage of EFT.

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